7 Reasons For Routine Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning charleston, professional carpet cleaning charlestonProfessional carpet cleaning can seem almost like an unneeded cost when our stores are lined with different types of carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning agents. In the age of “DIY” everyone lives under the idea that they can do it themselves, for less cost, and just as effective. However, that isn’t usually the case. Professional carpet cleaners are trained and experienced in handling all different kinds of dirt, debris, and stains in different types of carpet fibers. What may work for one type of carpet, may create a disaster for another type of carpet.

Professional carpet cleanings aren’t just about experience and education, though. There are several reasons why you should definitely schedule an annual carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company. Here’s 7 of them:

  1. Your carpet will live longer. Not joking! When your carpet is routinely cleaned and taken care of, there is less risk of your carpet ripping and breaking apart. An annual professional cleaning will make your carpets live longer and save you money.
  2. Not only will a professional cleaning remove dirt and debris from deep inside the carpet fibers, but your entire home will feel fresher and cleaner.
  3. Some spots and stains just aren’t going to come out with over-the-counter chemicals and “do-it-yourself” techniques. You need a professional that has the right type of equipment and the right type of cleaners to safely remove spots and stains. In fact, some over the counter products could cause more damage to certain spots and stains. Hiring a professional will lessen the risk of adding to the problem.
  4. Pesky things like bed bugs and dust mites can live in carpets. When you a hire a professional, the type of clean that you get isn’t just for looks, it is quality. A good professional carpet cleaning will reduce the risk of a bed bug or dust mite infestation.
  5. Air quality is significantly affected by the dirt and dust in your home. Regular carpet cleaning can help decrease the pollutants in the air, but having a professional come in and clean deep within the carpet fibers can improve air quality – especially for people susceptible to allergens like infants, people with respiratory problems, and the elderly.
  6. For business owners, cleaning your carpets isn’t just about keeping customers happy when they visit, but a good cleaning will help raise customer morale. Everybody is happier when they work in a fresh, clean environment.
  7. Every room seems to open up and brighten up with new carpet – the same thing happens with freshly cleaned carpets. Professional carpet cleaners get deep enough into the carpet fibers that your carpet will look fresh and brand new.

Not only does a routine professional carpet cleaning help freshen your environment, it will protect your investment for a long time and save you money. Don’t let your carpets wither away before their time.  Contact a professional carpet cleaning company like Excel that can help you create a routine maintenance plan and increase the lifespan of your carpets! If you are in the Charleston area, call Excel Eco Clean and let us help you!