Five Rug Cleaning Myths Busted!

rug cleaning charleston, oriental rug cleaning charlestonWhen investing in an Oriental, Persian, wool, or silk rug you may have several questions about the rugs history or value. Rug retailers have known to do some storytelling to enhance the sale of their rugs. Or incorrect information has been repeated so many times it can become hard to decipher what is the truth and what is a myth. At Excel Eco Clean in Charleston, we are here to uncover the truth about rugs and debunk the myths!

Let’s jump right in!

Rug Myth Number One
All Oriental Rugs go up in value over time.

Rug Fact Number One
Sadly, this is not the case. Most post-World War II Oriental rugs will not go up in value as some go on. Most rugs purchased today won’t even appreciate in value. Chances are if you purchased an Oriental rug in the sixties or seventies you paid more than what the rug is worth today.

Rug Myth Number Two
Oriental rugs can be identified by their design.

Rug Fact Number Two
This is also false. A rug’s design is only one of the components used to identify a rug and its value. The type of construction, including signatures and type of knots, the textile’s age, origin, and knowledge on “Oriental” history are some of the best methods of identifying all types of rugs.

Rug Myth Number Three
Persian rugs are of higher quality than other rugs around the world.

Rug Fact Number Three
Select, traditional Persian rugs pre-WWII, such as Heriz, Ferahan Sarouk, Tabriz, Bijar, Motashem Kaskan, tribal pieces, and other well-constructed semi-antiques will always have value in the market if they are in good condition. However, other countries have improved the quality of rugs they create and output and the quality of Persian rugs have gradually
deteriorated since the 1970’s.

Rug Myth Number Four
All old rugs are worth a fortune.

Rug Fact Number Four
As lovely as that would be, the value of an older rug is determined by its condition. An older rug in poor conditions is simply an old rug. An older rug in great condition may not be of value either if it lacks artistic merit.

Rug Myth Number Five
Oriental rugs should never be wet cleaned.

Rug Fact Number Five
An Oriental rug that is well-constructed can undergo the wet cleaning process after a rug cleaning professional performs a pre-cleaning inspection. Have your rug wet cleaned in your home should be avoided, unless absolutely necessary. Wet cleaning your rug in your home can cause the colors to bleed, and the rug may fail to dry out properly. Only trust a professional rug
cleaning company in Charleston area to clean your rugs.

Rug Myth Number Six
Silk rugs make great floor coverings.

Rug Fact Number Six
Most anything made of silk, especially rugs, are going to be expensive. Silk rugs are not durable, and it wouldn’t be practical to use silk rugs on the floor. Once silk rugs become overly soiled, it can be difficult to restore them to their original glory. We recommend using your silk rugs as wall decorations or in rooms that see little to no foot traffic.