How To Tell When Dark Carpets Need Cleaning

carpet cleaning charleston, professional carpet cleaning charleston,If you have ever had the task of picking out carpet, you probably had the thought cross your mind that you should lean towards the darker hues for your high traffic areas. Most people share this thought, especially parents of small children and teenagers. There is just too much wear and tear that your carpets can go through, especially if you live in a wet area like Charleston that frequently has mud that could be tracked in. However, no matter what the shade of your carpets, they will regularly need to be cleaned, and here are some tips for knowing when your dark carpets, that don’t show stains as well need professional carpet cleaning from Excel Eco Clean.

Furniture Silhouettes
It doesn’t matter what the color of your carpet is, dirt is dirt and it should be cleaned frequently. Even dark carpets cannot retain their perfect color for long if they are not taken care of. If you move your furniture and you can still see the outline of where it was because it is much lighter than the other areas of carpet, then you should call a professional yesterday. This happens to a lot of people. Your eyes adjust to the carpet color that is getting darker and darker and then when you move your furniture you remember that it wasn’t that color, to begin with. There are a few ways to combat this. You could rearrange your furniture frequently so it ages evenly. Or, you could call a professional carpet cleaning company regularly to keep your carpet as close to the original color as possible.

Spot Stains
Even though stains aren’t as obvious on the dark carpet as well as they are on light carpet, they can still darken and stand out on the floor over time. Stains, especially if they are wet stains, may take days or weeks to settle into the carpet and darken. You should try to be as vigilant fighting against stains when they come up with dark carpet as with light. Always spot treat stains when you see them. Many stains may take more professional carpet cleaning, so keep an eye on even minimal spills that seem to come up easily, because after a while the stain to reach the surface.

Set Reminders
A good indicator that your dark carpets need cleaning is if you have light carpet in your home and it starts looking shabby. However, if all of your carpets is the same shade, then you could set reminders for when you want to have the carpets cleaned. It is nearly impossible to determine how often a certain area needs cleaning. If it is a high traffic room, then it may need it more often than a low traffic area or a carpet where you are strict about taking shoes off. If you have a hard time remembering when to have the carpets cleaned, then you could set a reminder on your phone.

If you want to extend the life of your carpet you should have professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Of course, the amount of damage that your carpet can withstand is dependent on the fiber material and the amount of traffic on the area. The best way to keep your carpets nice is to regularly vacuum, spot clean, and have regular professional cleaning.