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Rugs today can offer lifetime stain warranties and wear warranties of up to 25 years. With such a huge investment in your home, how can you protect to beneficial properties? While no rugs are 100 percent stain-proof, the stain-resistant types make it easier to remove most stains quickly and without permanent damage. Stain-resistant rugs are fairly impermeable to stains from food, juices, and other beverages, pet accidents, ink, rust, and even shoe polish.

What Does “Stain Resistant” Mean?

When assessing new rugs, consider those coated with a chemical finish that repels dirt or liquids, thereby preventing them from settling in. In the industry, major manufacturers make nylon carpeting using different kinds of protective, stain-resistant coatings.

Each company uses its own proprietary chemical treatments and application techniques, they are all made in one of two ways. Nylon fibers are either a) infused with chemicals before they’re sent to a carpeting mill or b) chemicals are applied during the manufacturing process onsite, after the tufting or weaving process.

However, the stain resistant properties don’t last forever. Eventually, the protective chemical coating wears out. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for care and follow them diligently to maximize your flooring. And remember, some chemicals, like bleaching agents, can wear down your ruging’s stain-resistant coating, so make sure to keep them out of contact with your floor. Only hire professional rug cleaning companies that understand how to preserve the coatings and your rugs.

Warning- some substances that can permanently discolor even stain-resistant ruging, such as acne medication, nail polish and yellow mustard.

How Do You Clean At Home?rug cleaning lerna

Often, a soap-and-water solution to the soiled area with resolve a problem. It is best to remove spots as quickly as possible before they dry. Avoid bleach-based cleaning agents; they will remove the protective chemicals coating the ruging fibers and can even intensify stains. Manufacturers provide printed instructions with various different cleaning methods for different kinds of stains. Sometimes they also have a toll-free phone number that you can call when you’re in doubt or have questions.

Nylon ruging is almost always stain-resistant; it’s standard practice for manufacturers to apply protective chemical treatments. The PTFE/Teflon coating protects the rug fibers from absorbing and holding onto stains. With this coating, the stain cannot penetrate into the rug fibers.

Do You Still Have To Professionally Clean Them?

A myth about stain resistant rug is that it needs less frequent care and professional cleanings. However, the carpet institute suggests that your rugs be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months in ideal home conditions.

Although stain resistant rug is made to better handle stains, the coating does little for daily dirt buildup. Stain resistant rug holds on to the same amount of daily buildup as a regular untreated rug in the same conditions. Therefore, stain resistant rug needs the same regular cleaning care as any other rug. Over time, you might need stain guard reapplied.

Professional Rug Cleaning In Lerna

The Excel Eco Clean team of seasoned and skilled technicians knows how to identify different fabric types and stains to ensure that each piece receives the right treatment for the job. Extensive knowledge of rug construction, weaving, dyes and cleaning methods ensures that your valuable rugs are treated with the appropriate techniques and handled with the best care.  Excel Eco Clean uses the best professional green products available and the best professional care to provide the deepest clean possible in Lerna.