How To Boost The Value Of A Rental Property

carpet cleaning charleston, professional carpet cleaning charlestonMany people either have real estate investments other than their home or have a goal to get some when they have some expendable income. It seems that the American Dream has expanded beyond little pink houses to having the house next door as well. Passive income is something that most people desire to have, especially as they near retirement age. However, there are a lot of horror stories about flips that don’t go well or buying a rental property where you don’t get the return you were hoping for. Here are some low-cost upgrades, like carpet cleaning for example, for a rental property that will maximize your earning potential and minimize your costs. 

New Working Appliances

You might get caught up thinking about how awesome top of the line appliances would look in the space that you are creating. However, many people don’t need chef grade stoves or stainless steel appliances. As long as the appliances are new or look new and are clean, your renters will be happy. Most renters don’t expect luxury finishes unless you are marketing your apartment or house as a luxury home. If you are selling the home, not renting, then nicer appliances may be worth it, but make sure you check out the comparable homes in the area. 

Clean Showers

Have you ever gone to check out a rental property and everything looks pretty alright except for the shower? Why is it that shower grouts are so disgusting and typically overlooked in the cleaning process? Cleaning grout can be a tedious practice, but it makes renters so much more excited to invest in that space for themselves and their families. Take a few minutes to clean this up yourself and you will have renters banging down your door ready to sign the lease. Sometimes the muck can be so built up that it is difficult to clean without the right tools, chemicals, or time, so make sure you hire cleaning professionals to get those hard to clean spaces.  

Carpet Cleaning

You may think that you need to install wall to wall new carpeting. However, sometimes it just needs a good cleaning. Of course, there are cases where the carpet is beyond repair, but before you do anything rash, call up the professionals at Excel Eco Clean in Charleston and see if their carpet cleaning can breathe new life into your old carpets. Again, renters don’t usually expect you to replace your carpets between all the tenants; that would just be wasteful. 

Getting renters isn’t as hard as it seems, even in a slow-moving market. All you need is to price your place correctly and make sure that the property is clean. The best way to have a clean home is to hire professional cleaners from Excel Eco Clean to take care of your appliances, showers, and carpet cleaning.