Carpet Cleaning And Other Things To Do In Your Rental

Father and daughterIf you are a landlord in Charleston, you have probably realized that tenants don’t always take care of your property as well as you would. This is why there are security deposits, but the responsibility will always be yours to make sure your rental property is in pristine condition for your next renter. You only have a chance at the transition between leases to get the place as clean as you would hope to have your home if you were renting. So getting things checked off your to-do list in a timely manner can be difficult. This is why it helps to hire the professionals at Excel Eco Clean to come in and do the carpet cleaning etc for you. Here are some things you might love to have done in your rental.

Carpet Cleaning

One of the things a tenant notices right off the bat when he or she moves in is what state the carpets are in. Carpets, of course, will get worn over time, but as long as you maintain them and get professional carpet cleaning done at the end of each lease, you can extend the life of your carpet even in a rental. It may be helpful to select a carpet from the beginning that is stain resistant, is a darker color so you can’t see stains as easily, and is durable to make sure you can extend the life even more. If you want the most effective carpet cleaning possible, make sure that you have it done after all the furniture has been moved out and if there are any trouble areas that you want extra care for, consult your carpet cleaning crew.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

There is nothing worse than moving into a rental and finding out that the shower grout is covered in mildew and soap scum. No one wants to clean out anyone else’s germs, especially from someone they don’t know. If you are a good landlord, you will want to ensure that everything looks spotless before move in. However, it is difficult to clean the mildew off of tile if it has been there a long time and you don’t have the right cleaning supplies. Contact a professional to clean out your shower, and possibly recaulk it around the edges where the mildew may be impossible to clean out.

Odor Control

If you have ever had a renter who has pets or just doesn’t have the best hygiene, you might find that their smell lingers long after they have moved out. Odors have a way of trapping themselves into the carpets. If your past renter was a smoker, the tar can even stick on the wall paint and cause the odor to stick around until you repaint the walls. Some odors seem impossible to clean out, but a professional cleaning company like Excel Eco Clean has years of experience dealing with the toughest odors.

Being a landlord is tough work. Getting all that passive income doesn’t always feel very passive. If you partner up with a good cleaning company that you can trust, it can make the transition between tenants less stressful.