Keeping Your Sofa’s Looking Like New

upholstery cleaning mattoon, furniture cleaning mattoon, couch cleaning mattoonHow long would you go before you had your couches and chairs professionally cleaned? Believe it or not, some people will purchase a couch and never invite a professional cleaner to take care of the upholstery before they get rid of it. Depending on the type of traffic your couches get, your couch could be caked in sweat, dirt, pet odors and hair, dust, and dry skin. This is only a small amount of elements that dirty and soil your couches. Couches are often dirtied by animal and infant urine, spills from drinks and food, and spills from other items like nail polish and cleaning chemicals. With all of the different components that soil your couch, it is not enough to rely on store-bought cleaning agents to get deep in the fibers and clean the couch. That is why it is best to call in a professional upholstery cleaner like Excel Eco Clean who can clean the couch the right way!

Mattoon Professionals

Professional upholstery cleaners can reach deeper within the fibers of upholstery to make sure the dirt, grime, and odors are brought to the surface and removed. It isn’t so much about the agents they use rather than the industry level equipment that is powerful enough to shake up the debris and pull it to the surface. No amount of DIY cleaning is going to be able to pull out the dirt and bad smells the way that professional upholstery cleaning will.

ECO-Friendly Cleaning

When you call Excel Eco-Clean in Mattoon, you aren’t just calling an average upholstery cleaning company to come in and clean your couches. You are calling an upholstery cleaning professional that cares about the environment, your personal items, your family and your pets. All of the agents used to clean with are safe and healthy – eco-friendly cleaning agents to not use harsh, destructive chemicals that can leave behind a residue that is harmful to animals and babies that spend a lot of the time around furniture. Pets lick everything and babies put their mouths on everything, the agents we use are not hazardous to anyone’s health and will not affect your family.

How Often Should My Upholstery Be Cleaned?

To protect your couches and other furniture, you want to make sure that they are being cleaned on a routine basis. If your furniture gets a lot of traffic from people and pets or sees spills and accidents, you’ll want to make sure the furniture is cleaned as needed. But typically, you can get by just fine with having your couches and other upholstery cleaned every 6 -12 months. Always keep in mind that if your furniture needs it, you do not have to wait the entire 6-12 months for a professional cleaning job.

Why Excel Eco Clean?

Excel Eco Clean isn’t just another cleaning company that comes in, cleans, and leaves. Our team cares about the health of your home, your family, and the environment. That is why we use eco-friendly cleaning agents that work without the added chemicals. If you are in need of upholstery cleaning in the Mattoon area, call Excel Eco Clean ASAP for an estimate!