Why is Roof Cleaning So Important?

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Why is Roof Cleaning So Important?You may realize that you need to clean your siding and gutters, driveway, sidewalks, fence, deck, and other exterior surfaces, but it may not occur to you that roof cleaning is even more important. Your roof is one of the most crucial structural components of your home, and probably the most expensive to replace. Cleaning your roof will not only make a major improvement in its appearance, but it is also the only way to stop the damage from organic infestation from shortening the roof’s lifespan.

Here are just a few reasons why you should make roof cleaning a priority:

  • Improve your roof’s appearance—In Illinois, asphalt shingle roofing becomes contaminated with bacteria called gloeocapsa magma that cause ugly black streaks. This makes your roof look worn out and older than it really is.
  • Extend your roof’s lifespan—The bacteria (gloeocapsa magma) actually eat or digest the limestone filler in your shingles and greatly reduce its lifespan. Moss and lichen, other common organic roof infestations, root themselves into the shingles and cause permanent damage, shortening the roof’s lifespan too. Unless you remove the bacteria, moss, lichen and other organisms infesting your roof, expensive replacement will be needed much sooner than expected or hoped for.
  • Maintain your roof’s energy efficiency—Having your roof soft washed eliminates the bacterial buildup causing the black streaks that reduce your roof’s energy efficiency. If your roof is covered in contaminants, like gloeocapsa magma, your roof retains heat without the ability to reflect sunlight.

Soft washing is the only proper method to clean your roof and maintain the manufacturer warranty. Organic growth in Central Illinois usually becomes apparent after about 8 years. Is it time for us to come over and do an inspection for you?

Excel Eco Clean can restore your roof’s appearance and reset the clock so you will get its full lifespan.  Contact us today for a free inspection.