Roof Cleaning, Champaign, IL

Take care of your roof and let us give it a proper cleaning.

Is your roof suffering from dark streaks and spots? This may mean you have algae or other contaminants on our roof, which can be detrimental to its appearance and integrity. To prevent such contaminants from damaging your roof, turn to our team at Excel Eco Clean. Our roof cleaning service is second to none, and we’re sure you’ll find the results to be transformative.

Roof Cleaning in Champaign, IL

We use a method called soft washing when we provide roof cleaning for our customers. Roofing materials are very delicate, so they need to be cleaned gently instead of being blasted with water, as they would be with pressure washing. We’ll take the time to be thorough and ensure you can enjoy damage-free roof cleaning.

In addition to being very gentle, soft washing is highly effective. We’ll use biodegradable chemicals to sanitize your roof. As the chemicals work their magic, the dirt and grime on your roof will break down while organic contaminants like algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria will die. It’s extremely important to kill these contaminants if you don’t want them to grow back again, and soft washing is the best way to accomplish that task. Soft washing also yields results that last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing.

We take extra steps to provide the best possible roof cleaning service and set ourselves apart from other soft washing companies. For instance, the entire process is very quiet, and we utilize a two-man system to protect your plants (one person waters your landscaping to protect it while the other washes your roof). When we’re finished cleaning your roof, we’ll apply a plant wash to neutralize the salts from our chemicals and protect your plants further.

Contact us today for a free roof cleaning quote. We’re proud to serve Champaign, Illinois, and we offer a 5-year spot-free warranty.

At Excel Eco Clean, we offer roof cleaning services in Champaign, Charleston, Urbana, Mattoon, Arcola, Effingham, Neoga, Sullivan, Paris, Tuscola, Mahomet, Savoy, Monticello, Tolono, St. Joseph, and Rantoul, Illinois.