What is Softwash?

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Choose soft washing to safely clean your home’s exterior surfaces.

When your home’s surfaces get dirty and grimy, you may think you need to pressure wash them. But pressure washing can permanently damage your home’s surfaces, potentially void your roof warranty, and only remove the surface layer of the buildup. After pressure washing, the root of the bacteria will grow back faster, and because pressure washing doesn’t sanitize surfaces, you’ll have to invest in more frequent cleanings.

What is Softwash?

Instead of pressure washing your home, choose soft washing instead. This cleaning method relies on a low-pressure washing technique and combines it with bleach, algaecides, water, and surfactants to thoroughly and safely clean your exterior surfaces, eliminating the algae, mildew, harmful bacteria, stains, and other damaging organics. In fact, soft washing actually sanitizes and disinfects your home’s surfaces.

Soft washing is the only way to clean your home’s surfaces for the following reasons:

  • The results last longer than pressure washing. In many cases, soft washing results last four to six times longer than pressure washing.
  • Soft washing is the only safe way to clean your home’s delicate surfaces.
  • Soft washing is eco-friendly and uses one-third of the water of pressure washing.
  • Our process removes the dirt, bugs, algae, molds, and bacteria that are infesting your home.
  • Soft washing is the only way to clean an asphalt shingle roof without voiding the warranty, and we eliminate the black bacteria streaks (gloeocapsa magma) that shortens the life of your roof by eating or digesting the limestone filler.
  • Soft washing sanitizes and disinfects your home’s
  • Soft washing safely restores your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re interested in having your home soft washed, contact us at Excel Eco Clean today.