Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning

Expert Care for Your Oriental & Area Rugs

A genuine Oriental rug can last a lifetime or more when cared for properly. Genuine, handmade Oriental rugs and other fine area rugs require special care to maintain their beauty, quality and value. At Excel Eco Clean, our rug cleaning process makes sure that your rug is handled with care while it receives the most thorough cleaning at our in-plant rug washing facility.

Much of the beauty and value of exotic rugs is due to handcrafted weaves, traditional designs, sumptuous fibers and natural dyes. At Excel Eco Clean, we know that whether contemporary or antique, your rugs deserve the best care from our knowledgably rug cleaning specialists.

Our Multi-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Excel Eco Clean believes that all cleaning should be done without exposing you or your family to harmful chemicals, toxins, and VOCs. When cleaning natural fibers such as wool and silk common in area rugs, we feel this is even more important. Our multi-step rug cleaning process is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental effect without compromising delicate dyes or weaves.

Rug Pickup & Inspection

When we arrive to pick up your rug, we will perform a thorough inspection of your area rug and discuss any special concerns you may have. After identifying the type of fibers (natural vs. synthetic), rug construction, and colorfastness, we will determine the best and safest method of cleaning for your rug.

We will also inspect your rug for any damage and test for pet urine on areas that may require special attention.

Dry Dusting

Area rugs can hold several pounds of dirt and dust, but due to their construction you may not realize just how dirty your rugs are. Before we begin washing your rugs, we will remove as much dust as possible using specialized rug dusters and vacuums. This step protects your area rug from repeated washing and rinsing and helps us save water.

Professional Rug Washing

We will then wash your rug using the appropriate cleaning method for the type of rug of material. For most rugs, this will include washing and rinsing your rug in our wash bay. We will repeat this method until your rug is clean and all residues have been rinsed away.

Drying & Grooming

Fringe will be cleaned and groomed by hand. After your rug has been washed, it will be carefully dried to prevent shrinking. After your rug has dried, we will groom your rug and prepare it for delivery back to your home.


We will contact you once your rug is ready and arrange a time for delivery. Our friendly technicians will deliver and place the rug in its desired location.

Our Caring Team

Excel Eco Clean loves working in the Mattoon and Charleston area and is proud to be a part of this beautiful community. Our knowledge of rug construction, weaving, dyes and cleaning methods ensures that your precious rugs are treated with the appropriate techniques and handled with the best care. Call us today at (217) 345-9595 to schedule your professional rug cleaning.