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How To Boost The Value Of A Rental Property

Many people either have real estate investments other than their home or have a goal to get some when they have some expendable income. It seems that the American Dream has expanded beyond little pink houses to having the house next door as well. Passive income is something that most people desire to have, especially […]

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Why Go Green?

When caring for your home, what do you look for in a cleaning company? How do you balance your budget, your schedule, and your health? Do you try to avoid foods high in preservatives and chemicals? Consider the same criteria for keeping your home healthy. In Charleston, Excel Eco Clean specializes in advanced green cleaning […]

carpet cleaning charleston, professional carpet cleaning charleston

Three Carpet Cleaning Tips Every Person Ought To Know

Keeping your carpet clean can seem like an uphill battle at times. It really doesn’t get any extra recognition when it is in pristine condition, but it does get plenty of attention when it is stained or dirty. To help you keep your carpets looking clean and avoid some of the struggles of constantly maintaining […]

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How To Tell When Dark Carpets Need Cleaning

If you have ever had the task of picking out carpet, you probably had the thought cross your mind that you should lean towards the darker hues for your high traffic areas. Most people share this thought, especially parents of small children and teenagers. There is just too much wear and tear that your carpets […]

carpet cleaning charleston, professional carpet cleaning charleston

7 Reasons For Routine Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning can seem almost like an unneeded cost when our stores are lined with different types of carpet cleaning machines and carpet cleaning agents. In the age of “DIY” everyone lives under the idea that they can do it themselves, for less cost, and just as effective. However, that isn’t usually the case. […]